Meet our Team

AA Studio has assembled a diverse team of professionals with a broad range of skills and an unwavering commitment to turning client dreams into realities. Everyone plays a key role in every aspect of the firm and each team member complements each other well. This depth of knowledge assures that clients can be confident they will get across-the-board expertise in every phase of their project.

Reflecting a larger principle, our team also recognizes the importance of creating spaces that represent not only our clients’ functional requirements but also who they are – their personalities, identities, and preferences. This “client-first” philosophy, coupled with a belief in the value of collaboration, enables the Newberry team to satisfy the most demanding requirements, and meet or exceed the highest expectations.

CEO - Chang Hyun Kim

"After finishing graduate school in March 2001, I went to India in the following June. It was natural for me to leave for somewhere as I, as a student, couldn’t find a place in which to settle down. Instead, I made much of what I was doing at that moment and I sought a new experience. I felt a thirst. Such emptiness led me to the site and, frequently taking time off from school, I made many field trips not only in Korea but also across Europe to discover the source works that influenced architects in the site.

India was comprised of 29 states, which have their own languages and diverse cultures. Thus I use the expression 'balance in diversity' regardless of any area when I talk about Indian art. I think I am engrained with the DNA of Korean Architecture and I have established my own architectural ground. If I chose a theme about Asian Aesthetics when I was young, now what I have to do is rumination through my own works."

In an interview to Space Magazine.

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