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Kim Chang-hyun, the next generation Korean, "I have been in Indian architecture for 10 years."

There are architects who have chosen India without hesitation when other architects choose Europe or the United States.

Suwon South Korea's first Korean cultural center opened in New Delhi
December, 2012

NEW DELHI (AP) - The Korean Cultural Service of India (Kim Geum-pyeong) opened its doors in New Delhi on May 13.

[Pioneers of Business Hallyu] I met with Park Sang-joo "" The Indian continent is my canvas for "Asian aesthetics"
October, 2015

'One day, tears will not dry forever, and as time goes on , they will shine more and more clearly and transparently.


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Awarded to MD Chang Hyun Kim, JNU, New Delhi
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Awarded to MD Chang Hyun Kim
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Interior Exterior Magazine
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